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Please Join #NS10 – A Fan-Based 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Premiere of North & South AND a Read-Along of the Book!

Daniela Denby-Ashe (Margaret Hale) and Richard Armitage (John Thornton) in North & South. (Premiere date: November 14, 2004.)

Daniela Denby-Ashe (Margaret Hale) and Richard Armitage (John Thornton) in North & South. (Premiere date: November 14, 2004.)

CELEBRATE THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF NORTH & SOUTH WITH US! The weekend of Nov. 14 marks the 10th anniversary of the BBC series North & South, and we are planning a fan-based, online GLOBAL celebration.

Thanks to Tara Jarrett for the terrific “Selfie-While-Watching” idea!

The Facebook page for the initiative is here:
FB event page:
Twitter Account: Twitter: NS10 @NandS10th
Email account: ns10thanniversary at

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. During the weekend of November 14, watch N&S and take a selfie of you watching (Shy people: if you, like me, are shy about taking a selfie that includes your face, don’t be concerned. My selfie is going to be of my TV with my legs stretched out on the coffee table in front of my sofa!).
  2. Post your photo on Twitter, your Facebook page, Tumblr, on the NS10 Facebook site (link above)… everywhere!
  3. On your selfie post, include your location to demonstrate the global appeal of North & South, and the actor(s) you follow to demonstrate its lasting impact.
  4. Also, remember to add the ‪#‎NS10‬ (withnospaces) hashtag to your posts so we can compile all of these into one place, either on the special N&S page (link above) or on a blog.

We are eager to get the fans of the other stars involved in this celebration as well! We’d love your help in reaching out to everyone who loves this film!  We need your help with research:  We need to get in touch with the FAN groups of the N&S actors, and you can help us track them down!

Will you help? As of Sunday, October 26, we’ve managed to at least contact the actors’ representatives, and some of the actors directly, but we hope you can help us. We believe fan group information may be gathered  via the internet: FB, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, etc. But that doesn’t mean the reps will pass along the info to the principals, much less the fans. SO, if you know fans or fan groups of any of the cast, please help us!

Here’s the cast:

Daniela Denby-Ashe – Margaret Hale
Richard Armitage – John Thornton (we have some contacts here <smile>)
Tim Pigott-Smith – Richard Hale
Sinéad Cusack- Hannah Thornton
Brendan Coyle – Nicholas Higgins (we’ve made some contact here)
Anna Maxwell Martin – Bessy Higgins
Lesley Manville – Maria Hale
Jo Joyner – Fanny Thornton
Pauline Quirke – Dixon
Brian Protheroe – Mr. Bell
Rupert Evans – Frederick Hale
John Light – Henry Lennox
William Houston – John Boucher

Tracking down as many as possible of these actors’ fan groups is crucial to the event’s success.

If you are a member of a fan group, and/or can help us reach out to them, please reply to ns10thanniversary at
or comment on the FB page:


Another  part of the 10th Anniversary celebration of North & South, Author Trudy Brasure will be one of the moderators of a read-along of Elizabeth Gaskell’s book on!

A group there for fans of N&S has welcomed our anniversary plans for reading Gaskell’s book. Discussion threads for every three chapters of the book have already been established, and discussion comments there have already been active. You are welcome to add your questions and comments to the group read there at any time.  Details: If you’re not already a Goodreads member, you may log in using your FB account, or create a separate account. Trudy also says that you may lurk and read all the comments without joining the site, but if you wish to ask questions or make comments, you will need to join the site and the group …it’s very easy! Here’s the link:

Cheers to you all and we look forward to seeing photos from N&S fans from all over the world the weekend of November 14… or as long as people want to participate!

Brendan Coyle (Nicholas Higgins) with Richard Armitage (John Thornton) in North & South. (Premiere date: November 14, 2004.)

Brendan Coyle (Nicholas Higgins) with Richard Armitage (John Thornton) in North & South. (Premiere date: November 14, 2004.)

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