Wish RA a Happy Birthday & Change Lives at the Same Time!

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, on Sunday, August 22, Richard Crispin Armitage made his world debut.

Last year, on his birthday – Friday, August 22 – Richard Crispin Armitage (aka @RCArmitage) made his Twitter debut, and the photo above was his first tweet.

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been!  And now it’s birthday time again!

RA’s birthday is coming up this Saturday, August 22.

Unlike last year when he was in The Crucible at the Old Vic, this year we won’t know where he’ll be on his birthday. So for this time around – like many times before – some will probably send special gifts or greetings to the offices of his representatives; some will also send birthday greetings on Twitter; and some – including many from both categories above – will also choose to wish RA a happy birthday by supporting one of his chosen charities. RA has made it clear that he appreciates his “well-wishers”/followers/admirers/fans/Army supporting his causes.

RA supports a number of organizations doing remarkable, much-needed good work. For his list, go to JustGiving, and – because it hadn’t been added to RA’s JustGiving page at this writing – you can also give directly to his latest cause, CyberSmile, through its JustGiving page (All individual groups’ JustGiving links are also below.)

Give as generously as you can afford. We know these causes mean much to RA, and – who knows? – he might even prefer that we spend our money there, rather than on snazzy fluorescent socks or tubs chocolate ice cream.

Classic Sassy Sox Tour shot. And you know, RA says the only thing he

Classic Sassy Sox Tour shot. And remember, RA admitted that the only thing he “stole” from the Hobbit set was socks! #CriminalMastermind

RA and ice cream: a true love affair! Photo by Sarah Dunn.

RA and ice cream: a true, life-long love affair!  Photo by Sarah Dunn.

Though he does look good with – and in – a sports car….

Image courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

…we can’t afford to give him a sports car. But we can afford a little help for his friends…

Please, everyone, let’s do what we can to celebrate RA’s birthday in a way that will
make a difference to thousands of people who need a hand.
The organizations RA supports do incredible work with few resources.
Go to JustGiving for his listShelter, YoungMinds,
Childline, Anthony NolanBarbado’s,
CyberSmile and The Salvation Army – and give as generously as you can afford. 

If you already know which cause you want to support, here are direct links to all:

Oh, and Happy Birthday, RA!
We hope you spend it with those you love most and make you laugh loudest,
and that your celebration lasts alllll yeeeeear loooooong!

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About Richard Armitage US

Richard Armitage US is a respectful blog with a sense of humor (and a point of view) for fans of British-born actor Richard Crispin Armitage. Armitage is star of – among other productions – North & South, The Vicar of Dibley two-part series finale, Robin Hood, Spooks (MI-5 in the US), Chris Ryan’s Strike Back (Strike Back: Origins in the States),and his chilling portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Most recently, he has been seen in the popularly and critically acclaimed series Berlin Station, the third season of which is currently being shot in Budapest and Berlin, and will air in the States on EPIX later this year, with a slight delay in other international territories. His film appearances include starring roles in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, as Thorin Oakenshield; Into the Storm, as tornado-beleaguered Gary Fuller; and other films, including Urban and the Shed Crew (awaiting release), Sleepwalker (available on iTunes and Amazon Video in the States); Pilgrimage (available on DVD in the US and the UK); and Brain on Fire, based on Susannah Cahalan’s best-selling memoir now streaming on Netflix; and Urban and the Shed Crew, coming soon on DVD. He was nominated for the 2015 Best Actor Olivier Award for his portrayal of John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible, directed by Yael Farber at The Old Vic/London in-the-round. In 2016, he starred in Mike Bartlett's Love, Love, Love, directed by Michael Mayer, at New York's Roundabout Theatre. His current film project is Julie Delpy’s My Zoe, in which he co-stars with Ms. Delpy, who also directs, and Daniel Brühl. It has been shooting in Berlin and Moscow. His voice-performances of audiobooks are numerous, and range from Georgette Heyer to Charles Dickens, and characters ranging from Hamlet to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... to name just a few. See Audible.com for more. Although this page is US-based, we welcome RA’s fans from across the globe to join us here, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. frauvonelmdings says :

    Hey, I can see you blogging 😉

  2. Andrea Königsmann says :

    You´re doing a great job, dear, thanks a lot… ;-)))

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