Do we expect too much of him?

RA at the DoS Madrid Premiere

RA at the DoS Madrid Premiere

Oh, remember? He was weary from the Desolation of Smaug  tour by the time he got to Madrid. After reading so many accounts of his weary (but willing) greeting of fans each night after The Crucible, I have to ask:

Do we expect too much of him sometimes? After an emotionally and physically grueling four-hour performance, should we expect him to come out every night to meet and greet us? Is his performance not enough? Has he set a precedent he can’t rescind?

I’m not judging, just asking.

This issue worries me. The play runs through mid-September, and they haven’t even gotten into matinee days yet, when he’ll have to achieve this level of performance twice.

I know that this kind of selfless commitment to us is one of the reasons we love him so.

But I wish we could ask him: RA, some nights, would you just like to walk out of the stage door and keep walking?

And, as a follow-up: If you would, how can we help you do that?

<ducking now>

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Can’t Wait to Hear More of RA’s US Accent!

Happy Dance!  Photo courtesy of Klaudia Dimitrievic Galas.

Happy Dance!
Photo courtesy of Klaudia Dimitrievic Galas.

I love RA’s UK accent(s), but I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to hearing more of his American accent in #IntotheStorm‘s new trailer (premiering somewhere on the web June 26 at 10 AM US Pacific Time).

He seemed to be droppin’ his gs in the trailer for THE TRAILER. (Well, Gary Morris is from Oklahoma.) As long as he doesn’t mix his American accents (like She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in Spooks), I think he’ll be fine.

ANYHOODLE, I expect eight years – since this interview (bless his heart) –  will have made a difference:

“I’d practiced my American accent really hard so I could get the part just right. When I finished reading, the casting people said, ‘Wow! That was great… Now would you mind doing it again with an American accent?’”*

Good luck, darlin’ RA!!!


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A Fan Describes Some Changes in The Crucible, and OMG, John Proctor Washing by Firelight

Richard Armitage US:

GReAt report!

Originally posted on Stories - Photos - Encounters - Reviews - Thoughts by Fans for Fans:

A wonderful account of a Roumanian fan’s adventure, almost behind the stage, and meeting Yael Farber, with a stage door photo as well. Thanks to Fernanda Matas who is maintaining (and sticking) the Richard Armitage Appreciation Association Crucible Facebook Page – and she said it’s Ok to cut and paste here for those of you who don’t have access to Facebook.

Here it is:

Hello everyone, tonight was my night. Third time lucky they say, right? You won’t believe it, but I was at the Hobbit premiere in Madrid, then at Premios 40 Principales and didn’t get to properly meet Richard. I even befriended almost all the PR people during the second event in Madrid, but the British stars used a different exit… but oh, how fate turned things around, finally! It was long decided that I…

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What would YOU have done if you’d seen this in a Wellington Park??

Thorin leads the way...

Thorin leads the way…


Watching the fabulous HobbitCon videos on You Tube, I ran across this hilarious one with my beloved Graham McTavish and Ken Stott:

And, forgive me, but I’ve been thinking about it A LOT.

I find myself  wondering what  I would’ve done if I’d see RA dressed like this leading the Dwarves through that park in Wellington…

How would you have reacted?

Thorin strategizes...

Thorin works out the strategy…


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Would You Like to Go to The Crucible?

Originally posted on RAFrenzy:

That’s the question.

And if the answer is, “yes, but I don’t have the money,” then you may be in luck. I bought two tickets for opening night (actually, it’s a preview night*), June 21st.

I know what it feels like to want to attend something and the funds simply aren’t there, or feeling guilty about indulging in something that’s not a necessity. Well…if you have a way to get to the Old Vic Theatre, you may end up with some tickets.

This is a one day contest. No, make that a contest for about a day and half, because I’ll announce who gets the tickets on Sunday morning BST.

Here’s what you need to do:

Send me the reason you want the tickets in 200 words or less. No, you do not have to write 200 words. That’s just the limit for the wordy among you. Images or graphics…

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RA US Members Suggest a Theme Song and Create a WILD & WONDERFUL List!

Inspiration for an RA US FB Theme Song Photo: Leslie Hassler

Inspiration for an RA US FB Theme Song
Photo: Leslie Hassler

In a thread during yesterday’s semi-annual “You Tell ME Which RA You Want to See” game on the Richard Armitage US  Facebook page, a member mentioned that RA was just too good to be true. Naturally, like most of us, I agreed. And I started thinking…

If RA US had a (PG-13, please) theme song to describe our members’ feelings for RA, what would be YOUR choice?

My initial reaction – thanks to the “…too good to be true”comment – was the original Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” (Look for their story this summer in the film “Jersey Boys.”)

One of the reasons I leaned toward this song is that – should RA and I ever dance to it – it has both slow-dance and free-style moments.  That’s kind of perfect, right? Improbable, of course, but perfect.

But – on the other end of the spectrum – who can resist those members who suggested “Sexy Back,” especially if you”re at all familiar with HeathDances’ Sexy Back 1, 2 and 3?

So our members took to the challenge with a joyous, creative enthusiasm, with selections as diverse as the members themselves. Check it out!  Whether you’re a fanvid producer looking for inspiration, or a member of the global RArmy, you’re bound to find one listed that resonates with you! If not, add yours! (Just remember, we’re a PG-13 page…. with a sense of humor.)

Sexy Back, Anyone?

Sexy Back, anyone?

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Fun Day Sunday: “Operation Into the Storm” Opening Weekend Viewing Planning Commences, May 18, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #568)

Richard Armitage US:

Richard Armitage US: We are NOT alone! Let’s make this OPERATION INTO THE STORM opening weekend regional/global events happen. Check out Grati’s blog for the ideas she has and the events she’s already working with!

Originally posted on Something About Love (A):

Into-the-Storm-US-Movie-Poster-FakeTicketMay1814ITS-WB_wCredits-manip Last Sunday I floated a trial balloon of wouldn’t it be nice for the fans of Richard Armitage to consider supporting his new film Into the Storm (ITS) by viewing it in theatres on its opening weekend for their city/country–rather than waiting until later to see the film since opening weekend box office can make or break a film–and perhaps even informally organize a fan meet up to enjoy the film with fellow RA Fans. This viewing event notion has been warmly received by several of you who commented on my blog last week or reblogged my post. Thanks!

I have already offered to look into organizing a Saturday, August 9th, 2014 RA Fan viewing of Into the Storm (poster on fake movie ticket, left) in Chicago, Illinois (US) by scouting out theatre locations and such. MarieAstra8 (of the Obsessive Behavior blog) hopes to plan an NYC (US)…

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An Online Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Premiere of North & South… Interested? Read More Below…


Mr. Thorton is intrigued...

Mr. Thorton is intrigued…

SPEAKING ONLY ON BEHALF OF MEMBERS OF THE RICHARD ARMITAGE US FACEBOOK PAGE (carefully trying not to step on any toes, but truly hoping to lure others who might want to come out and and play…)

On the aforementioned Richard Armitage US Facebook page, our members (aka people who have “LIKE”d the page) have been playing around with ways to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the premiere of North & South this November.

Like most RA well-wisher groups, RA US has a diversity of members. Ours, for example, represent over 43 countries and 47 languages – including Pirate English, which will come in handy if ever RA should star in a remake of Pirates of Penzance or Captain Blood.

SO, N&S premiered on November 14, 2004. Here in the States, November 14, 2014 is a Friday.  I’m not good at any kind of math – especially global time/day conversion – so I talked with an Aussie member and she says it is also a Friday on her side of the world. (Our folks liked the idea of this event/celebration/par-tay happening on a weekend.)

Suddenly, RA US peeps are kinda getting jazzed about doing this online “North & South 10th Anniversary Worldwide Celebration” (aka Par-tay) with other RA well-wishers from other groups and individuals, and so are extending the invitation to everyone in the RA Universe to come out and play.

We’ve kept The <Proposed> Plan simple:

  1. Everyone (who can and wants to pparticipate) watches N&S wherever you live in the world on November 14, 2014 – the 10th anniversary of its premiere. THEN…  
  2. On Saturday, November 15, we gather electronically — all go to one place on the web – and talk about the film, RA, the impact it’s had and continues to have on us, RA, DANIELA, BRENDAN(!), RA, Sinéad, Tim, Anna, Jo, Pauline … Well, basically, all things North & South!

BUT, here’s the question  for everyone who thinks this might be fun:
Where should that one place BE????
The more the merrier, but what web venue would be most convenient to the most people?
Feel free to comment here! 

Right now, we’re thinkin’ it might be fun to do it on Twitter. We wonder if we could crash Twitter on November 15 with the #RANS hashtag…? Wouldn’t that be a HOOT!?!?!?!

Cheers, ever’body! Hope you’ll join us!

And 1,000 thanks to RA US Special Correspondent Chrissy Lampard, for reminding us that THIS is the YEAR!

Crashing Twitter would be a HOOT! Think we could do it?

Crashing Twitter would be a HOOT! Think we could do it?

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Emergency *ooof*: Stunner

Featured Image -- 7348

Richard Armitage US:

Thanks, Guylty! (But I’m not digging the blue tint to the photo, tho I understand its purpose.)

Originally posted on GUYLTY PLEASURE:

Sarah Dunn has released a stunner. That needs an emergency *ooof*, no doubt. I guess I knew something like that was going to come up this week, or why else did I not get round to writing an *ooof* yesterday?

Sarah Dunn colour

Richard Armitage in a portrait by Sarah Dunn, 2013

We are familiar with this set-up already. The neutral background, the shallow depth of field, the harsh light from the left. Armitage is sitting at an angle to the camera, his head leaning slightly forward, looking down towards the front (our bottom left). The light illuminates more of his face than in the previously known image. The light is unchanged, but the tilt and slight turn of the head to the subject’s right makes all the difference – more light reaches Richard’s left side of the face. We also get more definition of the facial contours, and the sculptural proportions of…

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Fun Day Sunday: Grati Encourages Opening Weekend Viewing of Richard Armitage’s New Film, Into the Storm, in Chicago and Elsewhere, May 11, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #563)

Richard Armitage US:

Well, this matches our group’s idea of a trial-run ArmiCon regional/global gatherings to prepare for The Hobbit: Thorin, aka Battle of the Five Armies in December… We’ll work on setting this up with our members ASAP.

ANYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN IN IS VERY WELCOME… We’re all members of the same tribe, after all. Some have been members longer than others, but we’re all RArmy members!

Originally posted on Something About Love (A):

Grati’s Interpretive RA Fan Syllogism:

Film Industry Truism (major premise):Opening weekend ticket sales can make or break a Into-the-Storm-US-Movie-Poster-May1114ITS-WB_wCredits-manipfilm’s subsequent success.   With the reasoning being that the more people who see a film–and the bigger the box office sales–this encourages others to give a film a chance and see the film, thus increasing overall box office sales and a film’s ranking of success based on ticket sales.

RA-ism (minor premise): The exquisitely talented British actor/storyteller Richard Armitage has a new film (ITS movie poster right), Into the Storm (ITS), whose U.S. opening weekend is August 8-10th, 2014. For all countries film release/opening dates for Into the Storm, visit this ITS page.

RA Fani-ism (conclusion):   A lot of people viewing Richard Armitage’s new film, Into the Storm, during its opening weekends around the world–in particular August 8-10th in the U.S.–will help promote…

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